Big thanks to LXNAV, who allowed me to use a new LX flight computer in the DG600 of my gliding club. I am often using the LX9070/9050 and I can only recommend it ! 

Sponsors 2016






Le Groupe NICAEA supports me since 2013 through an active partnership deal. The financial brokerage firm is based in the south of France, mainly in Montpellier, Nice and Marseille, and operates throughout the country.









Vuarnet sunglasses is a famous French Manufacturer based in Paris. Vuarnet supports the French Gliding Team since 2013 and is a personal sponsor since 2015. We did a huge work to create an advertising called "Sky is the Limit" which highlights the "Glacier" model. You can watch in down below.



A huge thanks to the FFVV and to the French Team ! 

Thanks to : Absoger, Jonker Sailplanes, LXNAV, LX Navigation, Naviter, Vuarnet, Air Courtage Insurance, CREPS PACA and the ministry of sports.


Thanks to the "Conseil Départemental de l'Yonne" who helps me as one of the high-lever sportsman of the CDY.

If you are a contributor of my project via the several "pack" available in the "Partnership deal" area, your name will be written on this page.


Thank you to my first contributor : Thierry Nauleau !!

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